January 6th Silos Napa 8:00pm

January 28th The Rellik Tavern, Benicia 9:00pm

February 2nd The Fenix, San Rafael 8:00pm

Feruary 25th Downtown Joes, Napa 9:00pm

March 25th Silos, Napa 8:00pm

April 15th Sacramento Convention Center 2:00pm

May 26th Billco’s Bottlerock After Party 9:00pm

May 27th Downtown Joes Bottlerock After Party 9:00pm

June 4th Napa Live Inside and Out, Downtown Joes Napa, 1:00 pm

June 17th The Rellik Tavern, Benicia 9:00pm

July 22nd Downtown Joes Napa, 9:00pm

July 28th Napa City Nights Summer Concert Series, Veterans Memorial Park Amphitheater 7:00pm

July 30th Porchfest Napa, Churchill Manor 485 Brown St. 1:30pm

August 25th Silo’s, Napa 8:00pm

Sept 3rd Napa Live Inside and Out, Downtown Napa 1:00pm

Sept 10th Yountville Music in the Park 5:00pm

Sept 16 Geyser Peak Winery, Healdsburg CA, 12:30pm


May 19th Billco’s Napa 8:00 pm

May 27th Downtown Joes Napa 9:30 pm

May 28th Bottlerock After Party Billco’s Napa 9:00 pm

June 5th Napa Live Veterans Memorial Park Napa 3:00 pm

July 29th Napa City Nights Veterans Memorial Park Napa 7:15pm

July 30th Relay for Life NV College Track Napa 12 Noon

July 31st Napa Porchfest Churchill Manor Napa 12 Noon

Aug 27th Private Event

Sept 1st Fenix Live San Rafael 8:00pm

Sept 16th Billco’s Napa 8:00pm

Sept 30th Downtown Joes Napa 9:30 pm

Oct 20th Silos Wine Bar and Jazz Club Napa 7:00 - 10:00pm

December 11th Toys for Tots Benefit Billco’s Napa 4:30pm